SIMAR HUNDAL Walk on the Earth like you Own it…… But Remember Billions Co-owners!

I am one of the millions hardworking women who always stood by the right path except that they chose to stay silent when others did wrong. This website is the voice of my years silence.

Ours is a big  beautiful world as created, but there is so much wrong in it. This website is my small effort to create awareness about what I find wrong.

I will also share the  grief of losing my only son with those who have suffered the same or are looking to help others in similar situation.

My artistic side with my oil paintings….those will be sold online to raise funds for Angad Hundal Society and the scholarships disbursed by the same.

My writings…to show my inner world and create a loud voice of reason.

Occasionally my professional side as a dentist.

Dive in  to know more!

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