SIMAR HUNDAL Walk on the Earth like you Own it…… But Remember Billions Co-owners!

I am one of those hardworking women who always followed the right path but are hesitant to point out the wrongs in the society due to their imaginary boundaries. Through this website, I am righting the wrong by giving voice to my years silence. It is about time that the people with reason and logic become loud enough and make their voices heard over the rowdy counterparts.

I want to be a voice that fearlessly points to flaws, my own and everything around with the only intention of making better.

I will always be a grieving mother, to eternity, that I cannot change. I can but, be a beacon of hope for those struggling with the same by using my grief to create positivity and hope.

I will share my artistic side through my paintings, which emerged to help me connect with myself when I lost all that mattered.

My scribbles, my inner world, which is full of hope for humanity. I intend to make it a voice that can’t be ignored.

And I am also a dentist. I love my job as it allows me to connect with people. I learned from my work that a few comforting words spoken from heart can calm a very anxious person and you don’t need to create sculptures to be an artist, sculpting a restoration or a smile is also an art.

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