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A Prickly Bush

A little girl
Walked out on a trail
In her father’s farm.
Jumping joyfully
In her frail subtle charm
She checked all shrubs
On her way
Some smelled nice
Others meant to be kept away

She chose some roses
For her home
Left all prickly bushes
To be thrown

Many years later
I found her again
Sitting under a prickly bush
Smiling in pain

I asked how have she been
Any more mystery that need to be seen?

She smiled from heart, somewhat sad
I fell on a shrub and got pricked so bad
No one could help me, not even my dad
So I learned to smile when sad

I endured until numb to all the pain
Wonder if I chose flowers, all in vain
Prickly cactus is as pretty as sweet smelling rose
I wish could know that before my nerves froze

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