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My First Blog- Finding the truth of mysterious world

What should I write my first blog about?
What is it that has utmost importance in our current world?
Yes, the world, our world. I am a human, living on this earth which is a small planet out of many planets around our sun, which in turn a small sun among many others in its galaxy, which in turn is a small galaxy in millions of galaxies in unlimited unknown space and we don’t know further. It is a beautiful mystifying world, which entices and invites you to evolve through life trying to uncover new truth everyday. Where all that is living and non-living, only add to the beauty. Where many colors merge to create bright colorless light. Where two small cells from perfect strangers can come together to create beautiful life. Where life started as a simple cell and evolved into complex creatures slowly responding and adapting to the environmental stimuli, in millions of years. Yes, the beautiful mystifying, our world.

Now, let us get back to our reality across the street. The real world that we actually live in and where most of the people don’t even think about our, human’s miniscule existence in this universe while feeding, nurturing and growing their momentous ego. The real world, where anger, hate and intolerance are getting so loud that love, compassion and fairness looks timid. Where colors separate people instead of bringing them together. Where intolerance, anger and jealousy can tear two brothers apart and turn them into strangers for life. Where we find faults in others without acknowledging their strengths and stop evolving by denying adapting. Where greed, gold and grudges overshadow the giving, glory and goodwill. Yes, our real world.

In my writings, I want to uncover the ways to find synergy between two worlds so divided. When shall we know that our existence in this universe is so small in terms of time and size that it is not worth any ego? Or that even though our existence in this world is so small a tiny act of kindness can make a big difference?
It can’t be both ways, right? But it is. And this is the mystery of this world that I want to uncover.

Welcome to my world!

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